Capturing color through the world of GRAY


Who is Gray?

Well, he's Gray Warrior. By name. And yes, that's his birth-given name.

He's left-handed and his laugh can be recognized from across a crowded room. 

He was born in the city of Houston, raised on the farms and oil rigs of Oklahoma, educated in Kansas, and now resides in the mountains of Colorado.

Gray is also a member of the Ponca Nation. As a kid, he regularly attended pow wows and watched his family keep rhythm and dance to the beat of the drum. He found beauty in their movements and hoped to someday capture their elegance and grace.

When he wasn’t working on the farm or going to school, Gray pursued his dream of becoming the next great US cyclist. His dreams had lead him from state to state, wandering the back roads of the country side. He realized that his bike had carried him to places few people ever go. He was able to see things that most people could only see through a computer screen. And thus, his passion for photography was born. From then on he focused his time on capturing beautiful moments and attempting to see things through a different lens. 

Explore your imagination, Capture the moment, and Create unforgettable memories that will last forever.
— Gray Warrior